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Mac OSX Apps.

Below is a list of the applications used on a Mac, for the creation of "SpartCup Mugs of the Arena."


iMovie Screen Shot

iMovie Screen Shot

iMovie part of Apple's iLife, was used to edit all the pieces and parts into one cohesive video. If you have an interest in editing video in a fairly easy to use manner this is the app for doing that. It provides many options and a nice variety of effects, transition, and titles. Definitely a gate-way app to Final Cut Pro or Express. (But much easier to use)



  • GarageBand Screen Shot
  • An iPad, using iOS GarageBand was used to create the music for the SpartaCup video. In order for that song to be utilized in SoundTrack Pro the file needed to be converted and properly formatted.


SoundTrack Pro

SoundTrack Pro Screen Shot

SoundTrack Pro, an exquisite Apple app with loads of sound effects, ambient noises, instruments, music and more, all at your fingertips, well mouse tip. This app was used to create the majority of sound effects for the SpartaCup video. With the ability to adjust, tweak and manipulate sounds noises and effects this is the go to app for getting exactly what you want. The screen shot above show only few of the many audio tracks used in SpartaCup Mugs of the Arena.



LiveType Screen Shot

Not satisfied with the useful but generic titles found in iMovie, LiveType is great for creating an original title or animated text video, which is easily imported into iMovie. This app allows for the creation of personalized background videos or empty background overlays. If the wide range of effects, options, texture and fonts is not enough there are plenty of additional add-ons, on the web.



Photoshop Screen Shot

My personal favorite go to app of all time Adobe Photoshop. It is absolutely over-whelming what this application can do. Having grown up using this app since Photoshop 1 (Nearly 20 years of experience), I regularly learn something new almost every time I use it. In the screen shot above, you can see a video of a Kiln peep hole taken with "Video Camera" for iPhone. Photoshop was used to manipulate the video by simply adding a layer similar to a vignette over the video. Giving it the effect desired for the intro of the SpartaCup video.


  • App Usage Step By Step, App Synergy.

    Inspired by Lenny Liang , App Synergy Columnist for

    Step 1: Use Reminders by Apple Inc. to put a shot list together.

    Step 2: Use Paper by 53 to sketch the story board.

    Step 3: Use Animation Desk by Kdan Mobile to explore movement of characters.

    Step 4: Use Camera, TiltShift Gen, and iMovie on iPhone to experiment with camera angles.

    Step 5: Use iStopMotion for iPad by Boinx Software to shoot the stop motion animation.

    Step 6: Use Video Camera App by i4Software to shoot intro.

    Step 7: Use iMovie on iPad by Apple Inc. to edit and experiment with stop motion animations.

    Step 8: Import and Edit all the shots in iMovie OSX

    Step 9: Alter, edit and adjust clips in Photoshop.

    Step 10: Create Titles with LiveType.

    Step 11: Use GarageBand by Apple Inc. on iPad to create some original music. Import to OSX.

    Step 12: Use SoundTrack Pro by Apple Inc. to add sound effects and music to exported, edited video.

    Step 13: Import audio to iMovie, finalize video and export.

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