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Apps Used on an iPhone, while creating SpartaCup Mugs of the Arena.

iMovie by Apple Inc.

iMovie Screen Shot iMovie Screen Shot 2 iMovie Screen Shot 3

While iMovie for iPhone is very similar to iMovie for iPad, at times I find it easier to use this app for quick edits. Animated clips and standard clips or a blend of the two, iMovie on the iPhone helps to see what the end result might look like a little quicker. Making the decision process of which clips or camera angles to use much easier. In addition to iStopMotion for iPad, I also use Stop Motion Recorder for iPhone by graf (Which was the app used to create the Mug Jones video).

iStopMotion Remote Camera for iPhone by Boinx Software

iStopMotion iPhone  Screen Shot iStopMotion iPhone Screen Shot 1

One of the "COOLEST" features of iStopMotion for iPad is the free app iStopMotion Remote Camera for iPhone, iPod or iPad. This app along with iStopMotion for iPad gives the user the freedom to capture scenes, shots, and camera angles via a wi-fi connection. The SpartaCup animation was shot entirely through the lens of an iPhone 4S connected to an iPad. The beauty of this was a more accurate capturing of a single frame. What I mean by that is the iPhone (or camera) only moved when needed not when activating or pressing the on screen shutter button.

TiltShift Generator by Art & Mobile

iMovie iOS Screen Shot iMovie iOS Screen Shot 2 TiltShit Gen Screen Shot 3

This is a great, purpose specific app which creates great looking Tilt Shifted photos. Tilt Shifting is a process of creating the illusion of miniaturization. For the production of the SpartaCup video, this app was used to add some depth to the set design. By using this app I was able to see what certain camera angles and character placement would look like prior to shooting the final shots.

Video Camera by i4Software

Video Camera SS1 Video Camera SS2

Video Camera by i4Software is a pretty cool app. I really have not had the chance to dissect this app and utilize all the features within, but so far it has some great features. Specifically the auto zoom feature. From the screen shot above you can see the zoom + and - control. When tapping either of these, the app will (at a smooth consistent rate) zoom in or out. This was used to shoot the background intro video of a kiln peep hole. That was altered in Photoshop and overlaid with text in LiveType.

Reminders and Camera by Apple Inc.

Reminders Screen Shot Camera app screen shot

Reminders is a standard Apple app included in the new iOS. It is a simple todo list organizer with some cool features, specifically iCloud sync. Reminders was used to keep track of shots needed and completed for the production of SpartaCup.

Camera app, also a standard Apple app included with iOS, was used for test photos and video clips prior to final animation production.


App Usage Step By Step, App Synergy.

Inspired by Lenny Liang , App Synergy Columnist for

Step 1: Use Reminders by Apple Inc. to put a shot list together.

Step 2: Use Paper by 53 to sketch the story board.

Step 3: Use Animation Desk by Kdan Mobile to explore movement of characters.

Step 4: Use Camera, TiltShift Gen, and iMovie on iPhone to experiment with camera angles.

Step 5: Use iStopMotion for iPad by Boinx Software to shoot the stop motion animation.

Step 6: Use Video Camera App by i4Software to shoot intro.

Step 7: Use iMovie on iPad by Apple Inc. to edit and experiment with stop motion animations.

Step 8: Import and Edit all the shots in iMovie OSX

Step 9: Alter, edit and adjust clips in Photoshop.

Step 10: Create Titles with LiveType.

Step 11: Use GarageBand by Apple Inc. on iPad to create some original music. Import to OSX.

Step 12: Use SoundTrack Pro by Apple Inc. to add sound effects and music to exported, edited video.

Step 13: Import audio to iMovie, finalize video and export.

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