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Apps Used on an iPad, while creating SpartaCup Mugs of the Arena.

iStopMotion for iPad by Boinx Software

iStopMotion Screen Shot iStopMotion Screen Shot 2 iStopMotion Screen Shot 3

For many years my father and I have expressed our creativity in the form of stop motion animation, using iStopMotion for the Mac. When this app became available for the iPad & iPhone, I knew it was going to be great. For me the convenience and mobility of iStopmotion for iPad is a predominant and important factor, that makes it such a great app. Being able to create the scrims, set, and characters in the studio and shoot the animation in the same location with out dragging a desktop computer around is liberating.

Obviously since it is designed for the purpose of creating stop motion animation, it was used extensively for the creation of SpartaCup Mugs of the Arena. iStopMotion for iPad's UI is inviting and easy to use. The visual design is pleasant, creative and kind of fun to look at. With the ability to create multiple scenes, I found it easy to keep my shot list in order and organized. The ability to connect to an iPhone or iPod(Remote Camera) via a wi-fi connection is perfect for getting the camera angles needed. Frame rate and speed adjustments are simplified, export options are plentiful, with options to export to camera roll, email, YouTube and Dropbox. Of course with all the greatness this app has, it would not hurt to include some additional visual features, i.e. Tilt Shift, or vignette. Overall this app is superb, and with the track record of Boinx Software, it will only get better.

Paper by 53

Paper Main Screen Shot Paper Screen Shot 1 Paper Screen Shot 2

Paper by 53 has been in the spot light now for some time. Receiving many positive and negative reviews. Many people see the greatness and potential this app has while many others are looking at it the wrong way. It is a simplified drawing app with a great looking UI that limits the app interaction experience. It should not be compared to painting and drawing apps like Procreate, Brushes, or SketchBook Pro, which have lots of options and features. Instead Paper forces the user to focus more on what needs to be done, "getting your thoughts on paper." With nothing more than a few colors and some mark making tools, this app is great for creating a story board. Creating a self contained book that focuses on a specific topic, for example SpartaCup. Each page is a specific scene that can be flipped though to tell the story. Although it is not easy to switch the page order around it is easy to add a new page in between already existing pages.

iMovie by Apple Inc.

iMovie iOS Screen Shot iMovie iOS Screen Shot 2

iMovie for iPad is very similar to iMovie for the Mac, with many of the necessary tools for creating a pleasing and easy to look at video. The visual appearance and use ability of this app is very well done, which in my experience, is expected since it is an Apple app. However even with that being said it is some what limited in comparison to the loaded Mac version but considering what it is doing it is a fully functional portable editing tool. Which allowed for pre-production planning and scene orientation. When a clip / scene was shot with iStopMotion, I could easily see how it would look with a transition or cut in place. Again the fact that all this could be done on the same device without downloading or uploading the clips to a computer made for smoother work flow and better use of time.

GarageBand by Apple inc.

GarageBand iOS SS1 GarageBand iOS SS2 GarageBand iOS SS3

GarageBand is by far an app with loads of features and possibilities. An individual with limited music abilities can easily sit down, create a song and have a blast doing it. It is a beautiful interface with stunning visuals. When composing the music score for SpartaCup Mugs of the Arena, I really wanted a specific guitar riff, that would create a certain mood when heard. Now I toyed with the idea of getting my Fender Telecaster out, but actually found it easier to get what I wanted using GarageBand's features. It was much easier to lay a bass line down, add some rhythm, and jam out a guitar solo, especially since I really only needed 40-60 seconds of music.

Animation Desk by Kdan Mobile

AnimationDesk iOS 1 AnimationDesk iOS SS2 AnimationDesk Gif

Animation Desk is what it says it is, an app that simulates an animation desk, allowing for the creation of animated drawings. It really does look like a desk, which is visually pleasing, however when first becoming accustom to this app it is rather difficult to know what you are looking at and what each tool will do. It is loaded with options, features, layers, backgrounds and tools. This app allowed for the exploration of movement. As you can see from the screen shots above the mug (Doctore) has a whip and two arms that need to move a specific way in order to give the appearance of a whip being used. Prior to shooting the scene in iStopMotion this app was used to see what the movement of the arms and whip could look like.


App Usage Step By Step, App Synergy.

Inspired by Lenny Liang , App Synergy Columnist for

Step 1: Use Reminders by Apple Inc. to put a shot list together.

Step 2: Use Paper by 53 to sketch the story board.

Step 3: Use Animation Desk by Kdan Mobile to explore movement of characters.

Step 4: Use Camera, TiltShift Gen, and iMovie on iPhone to experiment with camera angles.

Step 5: Use iStopMotion for iPad by Boinx Software to shoot the stop motion animation.

Step 6: Use Video Camera App by i4Software to shoot intro.

Step 7: Use iMovie on iPad by Apple Inc. to edit and experiment with stop motion animations.

Step 8: Import and Edit all the shots in iMovie OSX

Step 9: Alter, edit and adjust clips in Photoshop.

Step 10: Create Titles with LiveType.

Step 11: Use GarageBand by Apple Inc. on iPad to create some original music. Import to OSX.

Step 12: Use SoundTrack Pro by Apple Inc. to add sound effects and music to exported, edited video.

Step 13: Import audio to iMovie, finalize video and export.

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